Aquaculture in Ireland

Irish Aquaculture in 2006 was worth 124.6 million euro and includes shellfish and finfish production. Finfish production of 12,7126 tonnes in 2006 was valued at 61.4million Euro. Shellfish Production was 44,696 tonnes and valued at 62.2 Million Euro (source BIM)

Abalone farming Bere Island, County Cork
Releasing wild eels at Furnace near Newport
Harvesting mussels using new mussel barrels Clew Bay
450 Juvenile lobsters are taken for releasing on a bottom reef near Inishgort Lighthouse by Diver Peter McDonagh for the Clew Bay Pot Fishermen's Association in Clew Bay, County Mayo
Monitoring for biotoxins in Clew Bay County Mayo. A Lund tube is deployed to capture a water sample for Ireland's biotoxin seawater monitoring program
Collecting periwinkles on the seashore in Clew Bay County Mayo
Hatchery reared juvenile lobster release in Clew Bay, County Mayo
Marine scientist Roisin OCallaghan from the Martin Ryan Marine Institute Shellfish Laboratory in Carna with 450 juvenile lobsters for release in Clew Bay, County Mayo for the Clew Bay Pot Fishermens Association by the Clew Bay Marine Forum
Marcus, Tommy and Fiona take a break from weighing smolts at KIllary Salmon Farm, Killary Harbour, County Galway