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Foxall R. (1989) Sailing to Leningrad travel book (photographs by Shay Fennelly) Collins, London.

Fennelly S. (cameraman) (1988) TV Video – ‘40 Degrees East’, a 28-minute video documentary for Channel Four, London and Ulster Television Belfast.

Fennelly S. (1992) Inishskea Islands, Whaling, Ocean Visitor Centre Proposal, Blacksod Bay.

Fennelly S. (1994) Mayo Whale and Dolphin Survey Report.

Gordon J., Berrow S., Rogan E., Fennelly S., (2000), Acoustic Whale and Dolphin Survey off the Mullet Peninsula, Co. Mayo. Irish Naturalist’s Journal. 26(7/8) 251-259.)

Various feature stories on the marine environment in national newspapers; reports on Ireland's developing aquaculture industry, in Fish Farming International; reports on Ireland's fishing industry in the Irish Skipper, the Marine Times and Fishing News newspapers; and various stories on environmental matters in Mayo newspapers.

(2010) Turbot farm gears up for market launch Fish Farming International Oct 2010

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(2004) Irish Air Corps cannot meet the standard Marine Times January 2004

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(2003) Lessons from the Coast of Death, Irish Independent Magazine, 26/4/2003

(2003) Spill could pass €1.1billion, Fish Farming International, April 2003

(2003) Mystery Seabird Deaths in Wexford, Marine Times, May 2003

(2003) Sceilig – splinter of stone, Ireland of the Welcomes, Jan-Feb.2003

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(2002) Effluent outfall must move, fishermen, The Irish Skipper, July 2002

(2002) Consultation confused with participation?Fish Farming International, May

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(2002) Integrated approach to development in Clew Bay, The Irish Skipper, April

(2002) Irish oysters caused Hong Kong illness, Irish Times, 15/32002

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(2000) The crude cost of neglect on our coastline, Irish Examiner 13/7/2000.

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(1999) Clew Bay- what does it mean to you?, The Mayo News, 7/7/1999.

(1998) Government ignores Strategic Environmental Assessment, Western People 15/7

(1995) Question over long term safety of sheep dips, The Mayo News, 14/6//1995.

(1987) Eastward Ho! – first Irish yacht to visit Leningrad since the Russian Revolution

seventy years ago The Sunday Press, 15/11/1987.